Lock Couture

Spring / Summer 2018

Collection by Prudence for Lock Couture

The Collection by Prudence for Lock Couture

For Spring Summer 2018, Lock Couture celebrates the season when the hat comes into its own: the British summer.
Inspired by the restrained elegance of Edwardian hats, the pieces – named after key events of the Season where a hat is requisite – artfully balances the hat as centrepiece of the outfit and complement to, rather than distraction from, the occasion.
With an emphasis on simplicity, the collection heroes form and fabric in a muted palette of neutrals. Crafted from parabuntal straw with a demure brim adorned with hand-rolled white organdie petals and black grosgrain bow, ‘The Wedding’ nods to the decorousness of summer nuptials. A standout headpiece is key to race meets; with its mille-feuille of black organza, which draws on the ruffle collars of Edwardian dress, ‘Lady’s Day’ is a sleek, pared-back take, while the clean lines of ‘The Tea Party’, fashioned from discreet layers of champagne Italian silk organza, is all the more stunning for its modesty.
Playful moments abound, from the plump buds of soft organdie which grace the brim of ‘The Flower Show’, to the oversized silk gazar rose of ‘The Picnic’, to the flamboyant organdie plumes of ‘Berkeley Square’, to the neat Petersham ribbon and back tie of ‘The Boat Race’, which recalls those worn by Edwardian schoolchildren.
Quietly striking, the collection, designed by Lock Couture’s new milliner Prudence, is an ode to long, hot summers, and all the occasions it affords to wear a beautiful hat.

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