Lock Couture

Spring / Summer 2017

Collection by Prudence for Lock Couture

Creation of a Garden by Prudence for Lock Couture

An Inspired Collection

Noticing how a vase of wilted peonies looked all the more beautiful for their faded splendour, the label's new milliner Prudence, envisaged a tempest-ruined, flora-filled Sissinghurst when creating this collection, titled 'Creation of a Garden'.
Each piece is festooned with exquisite detail to reflect a wind-whipped garden; trapped flower heads in layers of cloud-grey silk tulle, deliberately crushed peonies and roses atop a head cage and deliberately crumpled straw, as if diminished by rain.
However, dishevelled as they appear, the collection is painstakingly finished to Lock Couture's exacting standards. Every flower is hand-rolled and hand-dyed. The wooden blocks made to sculpt each are bespoke. And only the finest fabrics are used; French silk, Italian straw, wild goose feather, paisley brocade and silk gazar.

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